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With each release we will be adding more Data Vault 2.0 table templates, helpful macros and productivity enhancements. We hope to tailor new features to the requirements of our community, making the package the best and most useful it can be.

We will be releasing changes incrementally, so you can reap the benefits as soon as features are developed.

Contribute to dbtvault

Manage metadata at scale

We are developing an open-source CLI utility to generate documentation placeholders (YAML, Markdown) for the dbt docs site generated by dbt, to assist in documenting Data Vault systems generated by dbtvault.

We also have plans to extend this tool to:

  • Generate dbtvault models
  • Ingest metadata generated by tools such as Erwin DM, Wherescape and more, to fill in those documentation placeholders.

Development is still in the early phases, but we're very excited to eventually release this tool to the public. If you have any ideas, or are interested in hearing more, contact Datavault directly via slack or email.

Coming soon in v0.7.3

  • Point-in-time tables (PITs)
  • Extended Record Tracking Satellites (XTS)
  • Out of Sequence capabilities for standard satellites. Handle late-arriving records.

Coming soon in v0.8.0

These features are currently planned for the next release.

  • Google BigQuery Support

  • Initially Hubs and Links

  • We will incrementally build up big query support in v0.8.x versions

Google BigQuery Support

We're looking to add BigQuery support in the next version. If you'd like to contribute we are happy to consider pull requests. You can also join our slack and get involved, we have a channel specifically for it!

Future releases

In future releases, we hope to include the following:

Platform support

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Postgres


  • Multi-active satellites
  • Status tracking satellites
  • Point-in-Time tables (also known as PITs)
  • Bridge tables
  • Reference Tables
  • Mart loading helpers
  • And more!

Additional features

  • Specialised Data Vault 2.0 specific custom schema tests
  • Auditing
  • Logging
  • Global configuration options (particularly around column naming)

Last update: 2021-01-24